Why EZFlip


Visual Graphics editing is a time-consuming and complicated task. It requires high level of expertise in the use of desktop publishing applications such as Microsoft Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat, etc.

EZFlip Simplifies this task – you can do now flip documents at the click of a button directly from your browser


A visual graphics expert takes on average 5-12 minutes to flip a basic slide. For advanced slides with graphs and complex layouts, they may take as much as 45-60 minutes

EZFlip Instantly creates the flipped version of the document, be it a single page or several hundred


Graphics and Visuals are integral for the accurate representation of information. Even slight deviations could drastically effect the output and lead to miscommunication

EZFlip Intelligent Algorithm accurately repositions all elements and automatically selects the ones to flip

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Given the skill and time required flipping documents accurately can be an expensive affair
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